Example tour: 7 days week wandering in North Morocco

A week in Tanger! A great period to discover the city and beautiful North Morocco.

Day 1: Ready to discover Tanger. We started and Café Haffa and headed down to the port via: the Fenitian graves, the Kasbah, the medina, Place 45, the (fish)market, gran theatro Cervantes. A very nice route to discover many of the highlights of Tanger.

Day 2: our second day, time to get up early. We start with a very beautiful tour through the lush Rif mountains to Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco. A very tranquil little city to walk around in. Don’t forget to look passed the little houses and streets to the magnificent mountain views. We took on the local challenge: stand 1 minute in the mountain river water. One of us made it, two off us didn’t.

After lunch and tea we headed back to Tanger, but we took the coastal road back, via: Tetouanne, Martil, M’Diq (stop in the port for sardines), Fnideq (visit the market), Ksar es Seghir, Playa Blanca. A beautiful and very diverse route, from local tiny villages, to the marinas for the rich and famous, you’ll see it all.

Day 3: After breakfast at Café the Paris, we discovered the newer part of town. For lunch we headed to Cap Spartel. Escape the city and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Tanger. In the night we changed for diner, drinks and dance. Tanger has a view very nice restaurant who also arrange live music.

Day 4: from Tanger it’s a nice, reasonably short drive to Asilah. A very dreamy, multicultural village. It’s always nice to stroll through the little streets and visit the panoramic view along the ocean. Asilah always has a very relaxed atmosphere. Finished exploring the town? Head to one of the beautiful beaches near Asilah. However, please be careful for the strong currents.

Day 5: this day is a bit like day 3, stroll through the city in the morning, and head to the beaches after. The Moroccans visit the beaches mostly in summer. Therefore, early October, you have a good change to find the beaches almost empty. However, we don’t see that as a problem, we like that very much.

Day 6: we got up early and jumped in the car to Casablanca. We got off the highway to have breakfast along the way. The restaurants along the highway are ok, but we wanted a little more of a local experience. Once in Casablanca we headed to the coast, to the famous, majestic grand Mosque. We bought tickets and followed an English speaking tour on a well appropriate distance. Its nog obliged, but it’s nice to where a scarf over your hair ladies. After we walked along the coast to find a nice restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we left Casablanca and headed to Rabat for a quick tour and an early diner. After diner, we drove back to Tanger. A busy but relaxing day, in which we visited a view of the Moroccan highlights.

Day 7: our last day. We always like to take our time. Thake a long breakfast in the morning, stroll through the medina. Take even more time for lunch, and an after lunch break at the beach. Of course preparing for a very nice last diner in Tanger, toasting to a quick return!

If you have another week, there is enough to do, discover, see and taste in North Morocco. We’ll keep you posted on our next trip in this beautiful lush region.