Example tour: 8 days South West Morocco roadtrip

I had the pleasure to visit my favourite country in the world again: Morocco. During the years I want to see all of it. I hadn’t seen the south west, so that’s where we’ve been. We is, my friend and our guide from Merzouga, me, a camera, our rented car and camping gear. We had 8 days for the following tour:

Day 1: Marrakech

Day 2: Marrakech > Taroudant > Tafraoute

Day 3: Tafraoute > Sidi Ifni > Legzira beach > Aglou Plage

Day 4: Aglou Plage > Souss Massa National Parc > Agadir > Taghazout

Day 5: Taghazout

Day 6: Taghazout > Sidi Kaouki

Day 7: Sidi Kaouki > Essaouira > Marrakech

Day 8: Marrakech

We had a great week. We started in 52 degree Marrakech. From where we drove the old N8 to Taroudant where we had lunch. Along the way we visited a water melon plantation. After lunch we headed to Tafraoute, we took a little road through the mountains through Berber nomad terrains.

In Tafraoute we found that there was a regional party going on, music, great food, fantasia shows. Very impressive. The next day we went off-road to find the Blue Rock formation and the ancient gazelle carvings. After some sightseeing we drove through the mountains to the coast. The entire coast from Sidi Ifni up to Agadir is covered in an ocean mist. We had lunch in Mirleft, tea in Sidi Ifni and we stayed at a camping in Aglou Plage.

From Aglou plage we headed up to Taghazout. We passed the Sous Massa National Parc and Agadir, where we took a little break and look around. In Taghazout we booked a camp site for 2 nights and we relaxed a bit at the ocean front. Relaxing at the beach, swimming in the ocean, chilling in the little surfer village, eating delicious fish tajines.

After the buzzing surfer village Taghazout we drove up the coast to the quiet Sidi Kaouki, which is nothing more than a few local homes, three or four little surfer hotels, a campsite and a very big, empty beach. Beautiful!

The last day we drove to Essaouira for breakfast in the Medina. A part of the medina was closed for a movie set. And the ramparts where closed for renovation. So we headed for the port. A buzzing place of local fisherman, a fish market, a great place to see the island Mogador. After strolling through Essaouira we headed back to Marrakech. Where we arrived looking back on a magnificent trip! And already making plans for our next tour in Morocco…

Morocco Tanger Tours, thank you for a great trip!!